301 Homes Cash Buyers Are Looking For

Selling to a cash buyer is a great way to quickly sell your home. While cash buyers may often buy any type of home, there are certain types of homes that they look for most often. Often, these are the homes that home buying companies seek out.  Homes Being Foreclosed  Foreclosures happen when you fall … Continued

301 Do Home Buying Companies Charge Commissions?

Selling your home to a home buying company can be beneficial in many ways, but do they charge commissions? Commissions can take thousands of dollars away from the sale and leave you with money still owed to your lender. Read on to learn whether or not home buying companies charge commissions. Why Commissions Are Usually … Continued

301 What It Takes for a Cash Buyer to Close on a Home

When you’re selling your home, it can be helpful to know as much about the process as possible. This includes knowing what your buyer has to do in order to purchase your home. Knowing their responsibilities can help you know how long you should expect the process to take.  Making an Offer and Providing Proof … Continued

301 Why Cash Buyers Are the Way to Go

A cash buyer is any home buyer that has the full amount for the home upfront without the need to apply for a mortgage. Selling to this type of buyer is beneficial in many ways. In fact, it can make your home-selling experience much easier and it is worth considering.  Less Risk Involved  In a … Continued

301 The Process of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Selling a house is a daunting process and you may be even more confused if you’ve never sold to a cash buyer before. While it might seem intimidating, a cash home sale is actually more simple than a traditional home sale. The process is fast, easy, and worth exploring.  Finding a Buyer The first step … Continued

301 How Selling to a Cash Buyer Saves Money

When selling your home, you might not think about the money you will be spending. It can actually be expensive to sell your home and it’s worth looking into cheaper options. Selling to a cash buyer is one of the ways you can save money.  Fewer Repairs  Most homeowners will renovate their homes before selling … Continued

301 Should You Sell Your House for Cash?

On a surface level, selling your house for cash might sound like it’s about as reliable as investing in a Nigerian prince via the internet. However, selling your house is an increasingly viable and legitimate alternative to traditional home selling. These are just a few of the benefits you can expect when selling your home … Continued

301 How Quickly Can You Close With a Cash Offer

A lot of people may not be very familiar with the process of selling their home for cash. The traditional method of selling your home has gained a lot of popularity, but selling your home for cash is an equally beneficial alternative. If you choose to sell your home for cash, this is roughly what … Continued

Why Sell Your Home to a Cash Home Buying Company?

If it is time to sell your home, you might be gearing up for the long, intense process so typical of traditional home sales. Be sure to take your vitamins, because it is certainly an arduous task! However, you do have choices. While many people go the conventional route, other people have different needs. Here … Continued

301 Ways to Know that Cash Home Buying Companies are Legit

Even though home buying companies have been serving their local communities for decades, there are still some misconceptions about them. Some people wonder if these companies are legitimate businesses. The short answer is, of course, yes! But let’s look at three of the ways you can be assured that home buying companies are indeed legit.  … Continued

How to Sell a Property As-Is in North Carolina

Selling a home as-is means selling it in its current condition. While this may not be a huge priority for those with sell-ready homes, it can be a tempting opportunity for homeowners in less-than-ideal real estate situations. So, if your home has been ravaged by fire or flooding, damaged by destructive tenants, or left uncared … Continued

301 Why a Cash Sale Is Attractive to Home Sellers

What does it mean to sell your home for cash? And why is it an attractive option for homeowners? If you have ever asked these questions or have considered selling for cash, here is a brief guide to the cash sale process and why it might be the right real estate move for you. What … Continued

Is Selling Even an Option for a Property in Probate?

After a homeowner has passed away, their home will go into probate. During this time, all assets, including the home, will need to be distributed to any heirs. It can be difficult to navigate this process and you may be wondering if and how you can sell the property. What Happens to a Property in … Continued
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