Why a Cash Sale Is Attractive to Home Sellers

What does it mean to sell your home for cash? And why is it an attractive option for homeowners? If you have ever asked these questions or have considered selling for cash, here is a brief guide to the cash sale process and why it might be the right real estate move for you. What … Continued

Is Selling Even an Option for a Property in Probate?

After a homeowner has passed away, their home will go into probate. During this time, all assets, including the home, will need to be distributed to any heirs. It can be difficult to navigate this process and you may be wondering if and how you can sell the property. What Happens to a Property in … Continued

3 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

Are you struggling to sell your home and need cash fast? If so, you have a few options that will get you the funds you need in the expedited timeline you need them in! Here are just a couple of these options, with selling to a home buying company being your fastest.  Private Investors Private … Continued

Here's What Greensboro Home Buyers Look for in Curb Appeal

Here’s What Greensboro Home Buyers Look for in Curb Appeal

Appearances really are everything, at least when it comes to your home’s curb appeal because it’s the first thing people notice.  For home buyers, your house’s visual appearance is one of the first ways to spark their interest. You want your home to make a good impression and stand out from the other houses buyers … Continued